Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica

Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica 2023 Trip: Our flight landed at SJO airport from Miami. It was a direct flight and took about two hours. The plan was to go fishing on the Caribbean side for three days. The fishing lodge was about another two hours from the airport. We rented a car and were off on our adventure. It was easy to get around with Waze. There was only one main road to our destination. We stopped off to have a few beers at a local bar and eat some local food and a bit later arrived.

Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica: The fishing boats were all 25′-35′. but the river was narrow in many locations so you could not have anything much larger than that. We stayed on the river most of the day and at high tide we fished the ocean near the river mouth. We caught multiple Tarpon and a handful of Snook near the river mouth. A couple of the Tarpon got caught up on logs. The captain and crew worked tirelessly to get them free and succeeded most of the time. We did have a one get away. That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching. 🙂

Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica: The fishing lodge was rustic but had great food and good people around to take care of anything you needed. The security guard Ben was very helpful and the chef Janet would cook you anything you requested.

Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica
Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica
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